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Candle Accessories

 Candle accessories from Yankee Candle®

This makes it even more fun! Besides the huge selection of wonderful scented candles, we also offer the matching candle accessories from Yankee Candle in our webshop. From decorative votive candle and tealight holders to the practical Illuma-Lids® and useful helpers such as wick scissors or candle extinguishers, you will find everything that makes using the candles even more beautiful.

Votive candle & tealight holders
So that the votive candles and tea lights can burn down safely, there are matching holders which are also a beautiful style element and can be used decoratively in the living room. From a neutral design that can be used all year round to seasonal variations for the holidays, you will find a wide selection. While tealight holders are only suitable for using tea lights, votive candle holders have the nice advantage that they can be used for both votive candles and tea lights.

Candle shades & tray for the large and medium scented candles in a jar
With this, the large (623 g) and medium (411 g) scented candles from Yankee Candle can be stylishly decorated. Besides the pretty decoration aspect, the two also have a function. Because the candle shade shields the airflow and thus ensures that the candle burns cleanly and evenly, while the tray forms a decorative and heat-resistant base.

Illuma-Lid® candle attachments
The candle holders for the large and medium-sized scented candles in a jar are both practical and decorative. Because they ensure that the candle burns longer by keeping out draughts and allowing the flame to burn more quietly. The different motifs and designs provide stylish decoration and are real eye-catchers.

Scented lamps
With the scented lamps for the Tarts® Wax Melts you can easily conjure up an atmospheric atmosphere. The lamps are also great for mixing different Wax Melts with each other to create individual scent blends. They are easy to warm up with a fragrance-free tea light.

Candle care products
The practical helpers such as the wick scissors or the candle snuffer ensure that you simply enjoy your candles longer. While the wick scissors can be used to shorten the wick to the optimum length to prevent the candles from sooting, the candle snuffer allows you to extinguish candles cleanly and easily, even when the wax has been burned to the bottom.