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Acca Kappa 1869

ACCA KAPPA: With passion, vision and two letters to success

Hermann Krüll was a soldier of fortune. Or rather, an entrepreneur par excellence. With courage and curiosity, the young Prussian set out from Halle in 1869 to seek his fortune in the south. The Suez Canal had just been opened, ships and railways not only made travelling faster and more pleasant, but also brought precious goods from the remotest corners of the earth to Europe ever faster.

Krüll's fortune was supposed to consist of gaining experience as a merchant in the Venetian lagoon city. However, the spirit of entrepreneurship seemed to have been ingrained in the man from Halle. Business in Venice went well straight away.

In nearby Treviso, the pioneer discovered a brush factory and immediately recognised the great potential of the company. The location was chosen with care: The finest raw materials such as boar bristles arrived in the lagoon from the Far East on large ships. From these, the artisans produced the finest brushes and combs with great skill. This was the birth of the brush factory H. Krüll & Co. and the later Acca Kappa company. The name stands for the Italian pronunciation of the initials H (Acca) and K (Kappa) - i.e. for Hermann Krüll. One is inclined to smile at the fact how often the Prussian merchant must have had to spell his name! But: Krüll fell in love with his new home and stayed.

The visions of the founder, Hermann Krüll, laid the foundation for a traditional craft company that is now run by the fourth generation. Initially as a niche brand for fine brushes made of natural hair (from hairbrushes to shaving brushes and toothbrushes). Later, body care products and perfumes made from all the beguiling ingredients the Mediterranean has to offer were added. Krüll united all the good things from his old and new homeland in a uniquely harmonious way: Prussian reliability is reflected in the high quality of the products. The craftsmanship of his employees and the Mediterranean ingredients stand for Italian culture and lifestyle. Many employees work for Acca Kappa for their entire lives. The identification with the lovingly manufactured products is immensely high.

The visions of the founder are still implemented today in groundbreaking innovations: All materials and ingredients come from sustainable organic cultivation, are carefully selected and processed by hand. With respect for people and the environment.

This is also the credo of the fourth generation of the family business, whose fortunes have been guided by great-granddaughter Elisa Gera since 1990. Foresight and entrepreneurial spirit seem to be in her genes, because she opened the door to the world for Acca Kappa. Not only with the legendary luxury brushes. Today, the company's portfolio also includes rich creams and lotions, unique perfumes and room fragrances as well as shaving and grooming lines for men - made from natural raw materials and natural materials. Many are a reminiscence of the origins of the tradition-rich company. Great-grandfather Hermann Krüll would be proud of them.

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As a German online retailer with Italian roots, we feel connected to Krüll's visions. The range also includes numerous sustainable, ecological products.