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Abbate Y La Mantia SRL

A brand with passion

With enthusiasm & know-how! The products of the Italian brand Abbate Y La Mantia are all based on an active ingredient whose cosmetic properties have been known for 3500 years: Saffron.

The drive behind the years of research is based on the passion for the precious active ingredient. The family business behind the Abbate Y La Mantia brand, after many years of research, discovered a natural way to maximise the effects of saffron and use it in their unique products. The family has been passionately growing saffron for 20 years using traditional methods in the beautiful hills of Maremma in the Tuscan province of Grosseto.dambiro

The brand stands for passionate, scientific and creative research that has succeeded in improving the ancient processes and methods in order to keep the active ingredients of saffron unchanged and to use them optimally in the high-quality cosmetic products.dambiro

The precious saffron pistils are obtained through a slow and traditional cultivation. The pistils are obtained from the dried flower stigmas of the saffron plant (Crocus sativus), which are picked by hand so that the other parts of the plant are not damaged. One flower has only three stigmas. And to obtain one kilogram of saffron, around 170,000 blossoms must therefore be harvested by hand during the six-week flowering period. In order to preserve the properties of the spice, the harvest should also take place in the early morning hours. This enormous amount of work makes saffron the most expensive spice in the world.dambiro

Saffron as a spice is particularly valuable and contains a variety of positive ingredients that are beneficial for health. But saffron also has many positive properties when used externally and is therefore particularly useful for use in cosmetic products. It is precisely the antibacterial or the calming and regenerating effect that makes the active ingredient so interesting for body care products.dambiro

Abbate Y La Mantia skilfully uses the valuable active ingredient saffron in its body care products, creating unique and high-quality products that offer users a piece of luxury for their daily body care.dambiro